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Nov 1, 2012 4:30am EDT
mitt romney is softening the attacks on his opponent. yesterday romney held three rallies in florida but did not mention president obama's name at all. while romney was in florida, obama was in new jersey touring storm damage there and romney is now getting ready to kick off the final days of campaigning. while the election is a big deal for the future of our country, no doubt about it, we have certainly seen the campaigning mode for a whole lot of other issues, and it's probably fair to say that some of you are ready for the election to be over. if you're one of those people you're not alone. we want to show you what happened to a girl, 4 years old, when she heard the election coverage on the radio. >> just because i'm tired -- i'm tired of barack obama and mitt romney. >> that's why you're crying? >> oh, it will be over soon, abby. okay? the election will be over soon. okay? >> okay. i think a lot of people feel that way. that is abby evans. she lives in colorado and she was listening to npr with her mother on the way to the grocery store. the video went viral. it turns out the 4-y
Nov 5, 2012 4:30am EST
, florida and new hampshire, in boston on election day. >>> people will wonder in the weather is going to held them back from voting. >> have the slickers or the boots, maybe an umbrella. this could be a tough day. >> too many it's going to be a dry day. tuesday we will get in on wet weather. a nor'easter will ride along the coast. we see the satellite and radars not picking up on a lot in terms of precipitation. no type of rain or snow for today. clouds around, we are also going to get clearing, you can see this back off in to west virginia and points westward, this will slide in here throughout the day. we will get a mix of sun, and some cloud cover, this morning, though, dealing with cold temperatures, we have a freeze warning in effect for counties. harford, baltimore, howard county and also carroll county, in you can see why, look how cold the temperatures are this morning. 35 degrees pilesville, westminster, 36 degrees, columbia at 41, we have a windchill, these 30s, mid-30s, feeling like low 30s to 20s this morning, those winds northwest at 5- 15 miles an hour. here is our nor'
Nov 6, 2012 4:30am EST
. but the critical swing states from nevada to wisconsin to florida and others in between will determine who occupies the white house next january. throughout the election, neither candidate has managed to take a commanding lead in the polls. over the past few weeks, it tightened up. so it makes for what could be a very long election night. in chicago, tory dunnan now back to you. >> voting is underway in the first presidential election results are in for those living in dictionville notch new hampshire. for the first time in the small town's history there was a tie. president obama and his republican rival governor romney each received 5 votes. middle of the night voting has been a tradition in dictionville notch since 1960. another town also voted at midnight obama beat romney in that location the results 23-9. >>> the people in dictionville notch may not be able to pick awinner but kids in baltimore had no problem deciding. more than a thousand students cast ballots and the president won by a landslide. students in hamilton conducted a mock election as part of the voters of tomorrow initiative. >>
Nov 9, 2012 4:30am EST
were taken near his home in florida. >>> and the ravens, they are playing on home turf against the raiders. they beat cleveland. they are number one in the afc in the north. the raiders are 3 and 5. kickoff is 1:00 on sunday. >>> and being away from the loved ones any amount of time is difficult, that's what military family goes through. maryland national guard is testing a live feed to bring soldiers and families closer to together. they will set up with m and t and have family members of company b and c they can come by and say hello to service members serving time in afghanistan. >> a great cause there. and the ravens, coming up on sunday, we have to have some good weather for the game. >> yes, charlie,ky deliver for you. it will be awesome for the game. >> as we check out what is going on. >> we're seasonable. they are coming up. the temperatures are not as cold as they have been. and 40 degrees at hampton hill. and 36 degrees and the winds are still breezy out of the northwest at 5 to 10 miles an hour. and things will dive down as we head into the evening. at the surface
Nov 7, 2012 4:30am EST
for romney. obama took 303 electoral votes and romney 206. florida still undecided. >>> amazon is testing a pricing scheme for video streaming service to compete. it will offer prime program for 7.99 a month to certain customers. and it is pricer than the 79 dollar annual fee. >>> overlook community empowerment center is hosting a job fair. it's to celebrate the magic johnson foundation 21st anniversary. a resume and job interviewing workshop and local companies linwill be on hand to talk to potential employees. >>> parts of the east coast especially new york and new jersey are still a mess. >> the work is being done to restore the power and were the lights are not coming on fast enough. >> sandy left many in garrett county without power and buried under heavy snow. the help that county is getting this morning. >>> 7 minutes away from five. frustration is growing in long island that's where many homeowners are still without power. huge trees brought down power lines leaving many stranded in the cold dark homes and they saythis family has disabled son and are answeringry they have not gott
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5